Seminary News

Priestly Ordinations: May 26 2018

We give thanks to God for the 10 men who were ordained to Our Lord's Holy Priesthood on May 26, 2018 in St. Cecilia's Cathedral, Omaha, NE by His Excellency, Alexander Sample, Archbishop of Portland, Oregan. Well over a thousand people traveled out to the ordination to be present at the joyous occasion. Please pray for these men as they begin their priestly ministry, so that they best conform to the great graces that are available through this sacrament for the sacred duties they have been given to perform.

Please also pray for Rev. Mr. Seth Phipps, FSSP, who will be ordained a priest on June 9 in Warrenton, England at the Fraternity's Apostolate in that city. His Excellency, Malcolm McMahon, Archbishop of Liverpool, will come to ordain him.

Sr. Steven Larson Farewell Party: May,12 2018

Sr. Steven Larson, OSB has been the OLGS librarian since the seminary was first built out in Nebraska and has done much work in organizing the seminary's growing library book collection. She has announced her plan to retire at the end of the summer. Priests, seminarians, and faculty members held a dinner in the seminary's refectory to thank her for her years of service and work in the library. She will be in our prayers as she goes back to her monastery in Oklahoma.

Rogation Day Processions: May 7-8, 2018

Every spring at the appointed liturgical times, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary keeps the ancient tradition of Rogation Day processions. These days generally follow the same pattern of a procession from the chapel to the seminary gardens. While in procession, seminarians sing the Litany of the Saints. This litany is interrupted when the procession arrives at the fields for the blessing of the fields. Once the procession has returned to the chapel, the celebrant prays a series of special Rogation Day prayers, and then celebrates a Sung Mass.

Seminary Outing to Maple Hill, KS: May 5, 2018

Fr. Eric Flood, pastor the Fraternity's St. John Vianney Apostolate in Maple Hill, KS invited the priests and seminarians of OLGS down to his parish for their annual parish picnic on Saturday, May 5. On their way down, seminarians stopped at the Homestead National Monument and then went over to St. Mary's Church, in St. Benedict, KS, which is a beautiful old German Church in the Kansas countryside. Fr. Charles Ryan, one of the seminary professor priests, said Mass for the seminarians in the beautiful setting. Priests and seminarians extend their gratitude to the members of the parish there fore accommodating the seminary visit.

After lunch, the seminarians continued on their way down to Maple Hill. In addition to helping out with the various games and activities, seminarians also enjoyed meeting and talking with the parishioners, as well as playing volley ball and soccer games throughout the day. A generous dinner and dessert was provided by the parishioners. The evening finsihed up for the seminarians with Compline in the Church, before it was time to head back to the seminary. Again, priests and seminarians wish to thank the priests and families of St. John Vianney Parish for their generous hospitality throughout the day.

New Seminary Pipe Organ: April 2018

After many years of fundraising, much generosity, and two years of construction by the Montreal organ company Juget-Sinclair, the seminary's new pipe organ arrived at the seminary at the beginning of February. Juget-Sinclair workers then worked for the next two months reconstructing the organ in the chapel space and then tuning and voicing of the organ. Though it was a long process, the finished instrument is a wonderful and important addition to the seminary chapel, especially given the important role the organ has in the music of the liturgy. We are deeply indebted to the generosity of the benefactors that made such a beautiful organ possible.

Holy Week: March 25 - April 1, 2018

While most seminarians went out to apostolates for Holy Week, several remained at the seminary in order to celebrate the Holy Week liturgies at the seminary with full ceremony. Though it is a busy time for priests and seminarians, it is a blessing to celebrate the deep mysteries of the Faith with such solemnity.

Seminarians and priests of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary would like to wish you a blessed Easter.