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In sæcula sæculórum includes selections of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony sung and recorded by the seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in their chapel at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. This album provides the listener with a melodic tour winding through the Liturgical Year of the Latin Rite. Of all the arts, music touches most closely upon the Sacred Liturgy. Within the sphere of music, Gregorian chant takes pride of place. It offers matchless breadth, splendor, and a stunning beauty which befits Divine Worship.

While Gregorian chant has been a pleasant expression of heavenly things for over a thousand years, it is also universal, speaking effectively to men of every place and time and culture. Thus, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI calls Gregorian chant a "supreme model of sacred music."

Each morning, the seminarians place themselves in the Presence of God, asking Him for assistance (Track 1, Deus in adiutórium). Each day ends with a hymn sung to Mary, the Mother of God, praising her and begging for her maternal protection (Track 22, Salve Regína). Throughout the day, the seminary community sings several times, using the ancient Latin chants for the Divine Office and for Holy Mass. Whether in the classroom or in the chapel, Gregorian chant plays an essential role in the traditional formation of future priests at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

Track Listing:

 Sample   Track Title
  1. Deus in adiutórium
  2. Roráte cæli (Advent)
  3. Ave María (Advent)
  4. Dóminus dixit ad me (Christmas)
  5. Puer natus est (Christmas)
  6. Tribus miráculis (Christmas)
  7. Média vita (Lent)
  8. Parce Dómine (Lent)
  9. Christus factus est (Lent)
  10. Crux fidélis (Lent)
  11. Regína cæli (Eastertide)
  12. Víctimæ Pascháli (Eastertide)
  13. Hæc dies (Eastertide)
  14. Ascéndit Deus (Eastertide)
  15. O Rex glóriæ (Eastertide)
  16. Spíritus Dómini (Eastertide)
  17. Allelúia: Veni Sancte Spíritus (Eastertide)
  18. Te lucis ante términum (Eastertide)
  19. Allelúia: Assúmpta est (Throughout the year)
  20. Refúlsit sol (Throughout the year)
  21. Orémus pro Pontífice (Throughout the year)
  22. Salve Regína (Throughout the year)
  23. Alma Redemptóris Mater (Palestrina) (Polyphony)
  24. Iesu Rex Admirábilis (Palestrina) (Polyphony)
  25. Adorámus Te (Palestrina) (Polyphony)
  26. Ave María (Arcadelt) (Polyphony)
  27. Laudáte nomen Dómini (Tye) (Polyphony)
  Total Disc Time: 62:23

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