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God Bless You.

Fr. Josef Bisig, the Seminary Rector,
with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI


Very Rev. Josef Bisig (F.S.S.P.), S.T.L, Rector
Theologia Dogmatica

David Arias, Ph.D.

Daniel Factor, Ph.D.

Rev. Robert Ferguson (F.S.S.P.), S.T.L., Vice Rector
Theologia Dogmatica, Theologia Moralis, Theologia Pastoralis, Organum

Rev. Benoît Guichard (F.S.S.P.)
Theologia Pastoralis, Latinum

Sr. Stephen Larson (O.S.B.), Librarian

Rev. William Lawrence (F.S.S.P.), S.T.L.
Ascetica, Theologia Dogmatica

Rev. Joseph Lee (F.S.S.P.), J.C.L., Academic Dean
Ius Canonicum, Historia Philosophiae

Nicholas Lemme, B.A.
Cantus, Musica

Rev. Rhone Lillard (F.S.S.P.), M.A., Ph.L.
Philosophia, Theologia Dogmatica, Latinum

Terrence Nollen, Ph.D.
Historia Ecclesiae

John Pepino, Ph.D.
Exegesis, Historia Ecclesiae, Latinum, Graecum, Patristica, Theologia Dogmatica

Rev. Charles Ryan (F.S.S.P.), B.A.
Latinum, Theologia

Br. Ansgar Santogrossi (O.S.B.), Ph.D. (Canonical)
Theologia Dogmatica

Nathan Schmiedickie, Ph.D.

Rev. Anthoy Uy (F.S.S.P.), S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Theologia Moralis.